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The Specified Colormodel Is Incompatible With The Image Samplemodel

This may generally occur only for instances of RenderedOp. Specified by: getData in interface RenderedImage Parameters:region - The rectangular region of this image to be returned, or null.Returns:A Raster containing the specified image data.Throws:IllegalArgumentException - If the My code is: RenderedOp rImage = JAI.create("url", new java.net.URL(urlImage)); BufferedImage bImage = rImage.getAsBufferedImage(); Image image = bImage.getScaledInstance(bImage.getWidth(),bImage.getHeight(),java.awt.Image.SCALE_DEFAULT); But it is appearing this error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The specified ColorModel is incompatible with the up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 Following the idea of @PhiLho's answer to How to convert a BufferedImage to 8 bit?, I want to use ColorQuantizerDescriptor to convert a BufferedImage,

If tileHeight < 0, the results of this method are undefined. Try breaking out the call to getColorModel on its own line then pass that var into the getAsBufferedImage call. Not the answer you're looking for? The default implementation returns the corresponding instance variable. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10004142/java-try-to-convert-planarimage-to-bufferedimage-but-colormodel-is-incompatible

The process went of without complaints and produced a very nice pdf that looks like the original - each pdf page contains two facing pages. Returns:An instance of ColorModel that is suitable for the supplied SampleModel, or null.Throws:IllegalArgumentException - If sm is null. getTileFactory public TileFactory getTileFactory() Returns the value of the instance variable A 6 may have any number of 5 sources or no source at all.

A ComponentColorModel of either type CS_GRAY or CS_sRGB is returned. A hypothetical method such as 3 or 2 would produce confusing results should a sink be garbage collected between that call and a subsequent call to 1. Specified by: getHeight in interface RenderedImage getNumBands public int getNumBands() Retrieve the number of image bands. Instead, the caller must call getSinks(), which returns a Vector of normal references.

Specified by: getData in interface RenderedImage Returns:A Raster containing the entire image data.Throws:IllegalArgumentException - If the size of the returned data is too large to be stored in Specified by: getSources in interface RenderedImage getSource public PlanarImage getSource(intindex) Deprecated.as of JAI 1.1. Stack Overflow | Daniel Trebbien | 4 years ago 0 mark How to use ColorQuantizerDescriptor? https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17802_01/products/products/java-media/jai/forDevelopers/jai-apidocs/javax/media/jai/PlanarImage.html If a PlanarImage source previously existed at this index, this image is removed from its list of sinks. Parameters:source - A Object source to be set.index - The index of

protected boolean removeSource(Objectsource) Removes an Object source from the list of sources. int YToTileY(inty) Converts a pixel's Y coordinate into a vertical tile index. asked 3 years ago viewed 801 times active 3 years ago Linked 7 How to convert a BufferedImage to 8 bit? The previews of the pages look fine on the screen, the sequence of pages is correct and the image files (all generated by Acrobat Save as...) have used the default settings.

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  2. A Rectangle is created based on these four methods and cached in this class.
  3. When jumping a car battery, why is it better to connect the red/positive cable first?
  4. The eventManager and properties helper fields are initialized by this constructor; no other non-private fields are set. PlanarImage public PlanarImage(ImageLayoutlayout, Vectorsources, Mapproperties) Constructor.
  5. It's okay, though.
  6. staticPlanarImage wrapRenderedImage(RenderedImageimage) Wraps an arbitrary RenderedImage to produce a PlanarImage.
  7. find similars javax.media.jai Java RT io 0 0 mark Convert planarimage to image (Applets forum at JavaRanch) coderanch.com | 1 year ago java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The specified ColorModel is incompatible with
  8. at javax.media.jai.PlanarImage.setImageLayout() javax.media.jai RenderedOp.getProperty javax.media.jai.PlanarImage.setImageLayout(PlanarImage.java:541) javax.media.jai.RenderedOp.createRendering(RenderedOp.java:878) javax.media.jai.RenderedOp.getRendering(RenderedOp.java:899) javax.media.jai.RenderedOp$1.getPropertyNames(RenderedOp.java:1802) javax.media.jai.PropertyEnvironment.mapDefaults(PropertyEnvironment.java:280) javax.media.jai.PropertyEnvironment.getPropertyNames(PropertyEnvironment.java:135) javax.media.jai.WritablePropertySourceImpl.addProperties(WritablePropertySourceImpl.java:306) javax.media.jai.RenderedOp.createPropertySource(RenderedOp.java:1828) javax.media.jai.RenderedOp.getProperty(RenderedOp.java:1979) 1 similar 9 frames Jobs About Us Explore Tour Blog Privacy Policy Terms Of Use ©2017 Samebug, Inc.
  9. The default implementation returns the corresponding instance variable.
  10. int tileYToY(intty) Converts a vertical tile index into the Y coordinate of its upper left pixel.

If the unwrapped source is a PlanarImage then this image is added to its list of sinks. Parameters:source - An Object to be added as an immediate source of this http://markmail.org/thread/lqvjzhswbj36pbtu The node 7 naturally becomes reachable by virtue of the new user reference pointing to it. This field will be null unless initialized via the configuration properties passed to PlanarImage(ImageLayout,Vector,Map). protected void setSources(ListsourceList) Sets the list of sources from a given List of PlanarImages.

protected boolean removeSink(PlanarImagesink) Deprecated.as of JAI 1.1. Specified by: removePropertyChangeListener in interface PropertyChangeEmitter Since: JAI 1.1 addTileComputationListener public void addTileComputationListener(TileComputationListenerlistener) Adds a TileComputationListener to the list of registered TileComputationListeners. Any RenderedImage sources in the supplied list are wrapped using wrapRenderedImage(). For example, assume a node 1 is reachable, and a call to 0 yields a 9 containing a reference to a previously unreachable node 8.

This site uses cookies, as explained in our cookie policy. I have a renderedop or planarimage object, I'm trying to convert this renderedop image to image object. void setProperty(Stringname, Objectvalue) Sets a property on a PlanarImage. int XToTileX(intx) Converts a pixel's X coordinate into a horizontal tile index.

More precisely, calling dst.betNumbBands(); will cause this: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The specified ColorModel is incompatible with the image SampleModel. How can I convert RenderedOp object into Image class object? This method is implemented in terms of the static method YToTileY() applied to the values returned by primitive layout accessors and so does not need to be implemented by subclasses.

If the property name is not recognized, java.awt.Image.UndefinedProperty will be returned.

This method is implemented in terms of getMinX() and getWidth() so that subclasses which override those methods do not need to override this one. In practice, this snapshot is only a virtual copy; it is managed by the 7 class in such a way as to minimize copying and memory footprint generally. Use addSink(Object) instead. In general this class does not perform sanity checking on the state of its variables so it is very important that subclasses set them correctly.

Since: JAI 1.1.2 eventManager protected PropertyChangeSupportJAI eventManager A helper object to manage firing events. Taxiing with one engine: Is engine #1 always used or do they switch? It was necessary to adjust the R crop to:Pages = rightCrop = 1600,20, 3126,2400because there was a java exception that 3128 was out of bounds.I provided a set of jpg files Use getSourceImage().

This method is intended as an useful utility for the creation of simple ColorModels for some common cases. But I get the following exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The specified ColorModel is incompatible with the image SampleModel. The default implementation returns the corresponding instance variable. void prefetchTiles(Point[]tileIndices) Hints that the given tiles might be needed in the near future. TileRequest queueTiles(Point[]tileIndices) Queues a list of tiles for computation.

No attempt is made to detect out-of-range indices. This region may go beyond this image's boundary. Otherwise, unexpected errors may occur. Parameters:y - the Y coordinate of a pixel.Returns:the Y index of the tile containing the pixel.Throws:ArithmeticException - If the tile height of this image is 0. tileXToX public static int

When was today's radar measurement of the Earth-Sun distance made and by who? Does the ISS have a rotational motion in addition to its translational motion? If the SampleModel is non-null and the supplied tile dimensions are positive, then if the dimensions of the supplied SampleModel differ from the tile dimensions, a new SampleModel will be created Returns the immediate source indicated by the index.

Stack Overflow | 4 years ago | Daniel Trebbien java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The specified ColorModel is incompatible with the image SampleModel. If this image has no source, this method returns null. find similars javax.media.jai 0 See more Not finding the right solution? If a TileFactory-valued mapping of the key JAI.KEY_TILE_FACTORY is present in properties, then set the instance variable tileFactory to the specified TileFactory.

Instead, we define the set of reachable nodes as those that may be accessed directly from a reference in user code, or that are the source (not sink) of a reachable more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Join us to help others who have the same bug. The supplied WritableRaster may have a region that extends beyond this image's boundary, in which case only pixels in the part of the region that intersects this image are copied.