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Openssl.exe The System Cannot Execute The Specified Program


What information can we know from minor code? What now? Minimum installation for VisiBroker Java Edition to run Client and basic Server ORB Minimum Visibroker Installation needed to run a C++ Client or a basic C++ Server Multiple POAs associating different VBE 5.2: Questions about shared memory semaphores. have a peek here

Possible error codes between resource and transaction manager in a distributed transaction PrintIOR of Security enabled VBE Server's or gatekeeper's IOR will display the port as 0 (zero) why? It will not allow a downloaded file to be executed. What's the best way to go from a jack of all trades to a specialist? How to add additional osagents to BES daemon manageable by Console How to assign fix ports for BES? https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/b947eb7f-31c8-436b-8eea-8777c7638cc5/the-system-cannot-execute-the-specified-program?forum=vssetup

System Cannot Execute The Specified Program From Command Prompt

Why are stale references not automatically removed by the naming service? Go to current version “The system cannot execute the specified program” error when starting osagent Created On:14 April 2011 Problem: The installation of VB8.5 on a Windows platform is done successfully Why LIOP is missing when iiop_ts is used as the default server engine?

VBE 6.5: Error "borland.lic file cannot be locked". VB 6.0: Borland.lic file size decreases and CORBA::NO_PERMISSION exception is thrown VB: How to debug a console Visibroker application with MSVC VB7.0 - all Platforms:Deprecated Anonymous Types in CORBA IDL VB8 How long does a CORBA server really hang onto a connection? The System Cannot Execute The Specified Program Batch File How to start Name Service without using nameserv command?

Why is the crimson package from Apache not present in VBE 6.x onwards? The System Cannot Execute The Specified Program Windows 10 Cantor, Scott E. Logs of server are no new lines! How can idle connections be forced to close, without depending on whether there are client side object references bound to a connection?

There is no way to start service. Unable To Execute The Specified Command Line Logged perindu Newbie Offline Posts: 33 Re: OpenSSL 1.0.0d update for Apache 2.2.17 available « Reply #19 on: February 25, 2011, 04:35:28 AM » @gregg yes i'll try vc9 apache soon Is Forward declarations in IDL supported by Visibroker 4.5? How to Set JVM Parameters for BES How to set properties programmatically How to set send_timeout and receive_time out on VBC4.x and VBC5.x?

The System Cannot Execute The Specified Program Windows 10

VBE 5.2.1: CORBA.TRANSIENT exception seen at the application level when Gatekeeper is restarted VBE 5.2.1: How to configure non-visibroker clients to allow Bi-Directional connections? How to specify a the UDP and TCP ports for client handlers for Osagent? System Cannot Execute The Specified Program From Command Prompt Why is there a problem in a class implementing 2 idl classes that have a common base class? Error Executing The Specified Program Windows 10 No key nor cert were created on the both servers after install and > openssl.exe didn't work on both server.

after 3 vc++ packages (2010,2005 and 2008), finally the last one worked :Dthanks all.BR,Pinela.ReplyDeleteAnonymousNovember 30, 2011 at 8:25 PMHello had the same problem: the system cannot execute the specified programdownloading from navigate here Problem installing VBJ451 on HPUX platforms and some possible workarounds Problem using OTS and JTS within the same application Problem using Visibroker in DLLs under windows Problems running Visibroker application with What is the supported Linux OS(es) for VisiBroker RT 5.x? Embedding Borland AppServer with OEM Applications Enable logs of lmadm Enable Passive FTP Encode and decode data with org.omg.IOP.Codec Encountered core dump on bank_agent example's Server when catching an exception Encountered The System Cannot Execute The Specified Program Windows 8

VisiBroker 6.5 interoperability issue with Distributed Object Group's JavaORB 2.2.6 VisiBroker 7.0 classic installer provides a standard library stdmk Visibroker 7.0 Installation FAQ VisiBroker 7.0 library file liblmgr.so(32-bit) is missing in Does BES6 AppServer support RedHat AS3.0 only? Can we use EventChannelFactory in VBE5.x and VBE6.x? http://1pxcare.com/the-specified/the-system-cannot-execute-the-specified-program-console.html How to Configure Event and Error Logs to Display Timestamps that Reflect DST Changes How to configure Java client to consume the BankAccountManager web service How to configure JBuilder 2005 to

It works fine. Dos The System Cannot Execute The Specified Program How to find number of connections used by a specific CORBA server? the server is in the routers DMZ and PASV mode not helped. - DMZ forwards all queries to the defined ip, isn't? - If i open a range of ports thats

IN conditional keyword in EJB-QL caused java.lang.RuntimeException in BAS 6.7 In EJB-QL what will be the default ordering if the syntax "ORDER BY" is not specified at all?

Back to top ghisler(Author)Site AdminJoined: 04 Feb 2003Posts: 33162Location: Switzerland Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:30 pm Post subject: Sorry, TC does not support HTTPS internally because of Swiss Crypto regulations. If you install a lower version of the runtime your program won't work. How is the license enabled during a direct registration? Java The System Cannot Execute The Specified Program i have done all till this step!

The Apache 2.x binary windows distribution, specifically, was compiled against the Visual Studio 2005 re-distributable package, which you can download from microsoft. Failure 38137: VBC 4.x, 5.x: Clients getting CORBA::TRANSIENT exceptions on Windows during high load on server when using LIOP Failure 38264: VBC 4.5.x: Why is the Server spawned by OAD using How to set up Smart Agent (osagent) as a Windows service How to setup Gatekeeper ACL using object interface with Naming Service How to setup VisiBroker client in Weblogic Server How this contact form Why is osfind showing "Out of Memory" error and the osagent is using very high CPU?

How to overcome Axis Servlet encountering java.lang.LinkageErrorException How to pass first parameter of ORB.init() method of VBJ programmatically and in command line? You can do this in RC1 by adding the command CCC to the "Send commands" field in the configuration of that ftp connection._________________Author of Total Commander http://www.ghisler.com Back to top whitePower And that explains why an error message “The system cannot execute the specific program” prompted. CR6453 : Explanation for VB_SO_REUSEADDR environment variable is lacking Create a VisiBroker 8.0 or later CORBA client for an AppServer EJB using java2iiop Create Irep rollback file in your own path

It displays the message: "The system cannot execute the specified program". Failure #37660 [VBC 4.5]: Osagent is removing other remote osagents due to network problems. VBC++ Getting CORBA::BAD_PARAM exception when trying to run the server. How to avoid this vulnerability?

Does VisiBroker support the use of Exception as element of sequence? VBE 6.0: Instructions for OEM licensing VBE 6.0: License registration when moving from one box to another by zipping and un-zipping the VisiBroker application. What is the meaning of the Exception minor codes What is the purpose for vbroker.security.transport.protocol? How to load balance 2 instances of Visibroker Server?

Which Linux distro has the best driver support? Karl Back to top JagodaNew MemberJoined: 01 Sep 2008Posts: 1Location: Croatia Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:14 pm Post subject: karlchen wrote: Hi, muzzi. How to make BES 6.5 to work with Network Named User license? Does Borland support Sun Studio 11 with VBE65?

This is also what I got on the vc6 computer. Read these next... BES 6.x: How to use custom log4j Appenders/Layouts in BES 6.5? How to diagnose the CORBA.UNKNOWN exception How to Disable Smart Agent Caching to Achieve Round Robin Load Balancing How to disable the autostart of BES Partition?

How to programmatically check the number of connections opened at a Server dynamically?