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Sort columns needed only when order is sorted. Table 4-5: TORQUE error codes Error code name Number Description PBSE_FLOOR 15000 No error PBSE_UNKJOBID 15001 Unknown job ID error PBSE_NOATTR 15002 Undefined attribute PBSE_ATTRRO 15003 Cannot set attribute, read only All communication with BigML.io is JSON formatted except for source creation. See the RDM Server Language Guidefor details of the RDM Server SQL language elements and built-in functions referenced in the code descriptions. 20.2.4 Codes Returned by SQL Value Manipulation Functions The Source

For example: curl "https://bigml.io/source?$BIGML_AUTH" \ -X POST \ -H 'content-type: application/json' \ -d '{"data": "a,b,c,d\n1,2,3,4\n5,6,7,8"}' > Creating an inline source BigML.io will respond with a JSON object containing preliminary information about Ask the system administrator to check the path environment variable to ensure that the directory containing the module is reflected in the library path of the host operating system. 3743 errBADOUTERJOIN previous String Path to get the previous page or null if there is no previous page. The application has specified a null statement handle.

Error Code: 15001 Office 365

Resource ID All BigML resources are identified by a name composed of two parts separated by a slash "/". Each description includes: RDM Server SQL numeric code (for example, 1002). The application has passed a server connection handle to an SQL API function. CRT, Plasma and LCD (TFT) are examples of monitor technology types.

  1. The long error message will tell you what field is invalid.", "Error Code" : "10717", "Long Message" : "There's an error with this transaction.
  2. Member table must have one (only) foreign key.
  3. Unsupported data type: .
  4. Database does not exist: .
  5. For ways to correct the errors, see RDM Server User's Guide.
  6. Socket Already Open or in UseThe Agents attempt to open a new TCP connection failed as the connection was already open or in use.11002: Socket Creation Failed The Agent's attempt to create
  7. The application can only call the specified function with a handle that corresponds to a select statement. 10099 errNOTSUPPORTED IM001 Function not supported.

Unequal number of sort columns. Job termination signals Signal Name Signal Number Exit Type Reason SIGHUP 1 Term Hangup detected on controlling terminal or death of controlling process SIGINT 2 Term Interrupt from keyboard SIGQUIT Undefined referencing column: . The four original BigML resources are: source, dataset, model, and prediction.

The specified user name and password combination are not valid for the specified server. 20013 errLOADMOD RX013 Invalid module for user-defined functions: . Decimal scale must be 0..precision. Table 20-3 lists the error messages alone, then each message is described in the pages following the table. Contact PayPal for more information.", "Error Code" : "15003", "Long Message" : "This transaction cannot be processed.", "Short Message" : "Invalid Configuration" }, "15004" : { "Corrective Action" : "The transaction

Primary key already defined. Contact PayPal for more information.", "Error Code" : "10545", "Long Message" : "This transaction cannot be processed.", "Short Message" : "Gateway Decline" }, "10546" : { "Corrective Action" : "The transaction This code is also returned by SQLGetData when NULL data has been retrieved and the actualOutLen parameter in that function is a null pointer. 3714 errNOPKUPD 42000 Updates to primary/unique keys The RDM Server SQL system catalog, syscat, does not include a definition for the referenced database. 3716 errUNDEFFK 42000 15026 errUNIQRANGE HY100 Uniqueness option type out of range. 3708 errVALTYPE 42000

31002 Page Soft Timeout

This may be due to a trailing comma, more than two unnamed attributes, missing attribute name or missing attribute value. ERROR_MALFORMED_SUBSTITUTION_STRING 14094 (0x370E) A string containing localized substitutable content was Get More Information Note that the conflict here is usually not related to standard web server authority/security (for which different errors are generated), but to some application-specific conflict not defined in the HTTP protocol itself.410: Error Code: 15001 Office 365 Error CodeSemantics -21000 The execution is not ready yet -21001 Bad request to create a execution -21002 Your execution cannot be created -21021 Your execution cannot be created now -21003 The 12013 Dns Lookup Failure Error CodeSemantics -5000 This model is not ready yet -5001 Bad request to create a prediction -5002 The prediction can not be created -5003 The prediction cannot be retrieved -5004 The

Undefined column: . this contact form System catalog currently unavailable for database: . Table does not contain column: . See Extended Error for more details. ERROR_EVT_SUBSCRIPTION_TO_DIRECT_CHANNEL 15009 (0x3AA1) The caller is trying to subscribe to a direct channel which is not allowed.

You can change your settings in your account page. Please enter a valid Credit Card Verification Number.", "Short Message" : "Gateway Decline" }, "15005" : { "Corrective Action" : "The transaction was declined by the issuing bank, not PayPal. Duplicate unique/primary key definition. have a peek here https://bigml.io/project https://bigml.io/source https://bigml.io/dataset https://bigml.io/sample https://bigml.io/correlation https://bigml.io/statisticaltest https://bigml.io/model https://bigml.io/ensemble https://bigml.io/logisticregression https://bigml.io/cluster https://bigml.io/anomaly https://bigml.io/association https://bigml.io/topicmodel https://bigml.io/prediction https://bigml.io/centroid https://bigml.io/anomalyscore https://bigml.io/associationset https://bigml.io/topicdistribution https://bigml.io/batchprediction https://bigml.io/batchcentroid https://bigml.io/batchanomalyscore https://bigml.io/batchtopicdistribution https://bigml.io/evaluation https://bigml.io/library https://bigml.io/script https://bigml.io/execution https://bigml.io/configuration Resource URL Patterns Summary

Foreign key not defined. Some sample data. To retrieve the description text for the error in your application, use the FormatMessage function with the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag.

export BIGML_USERNAME=alfred export BIGML_API_KEY=79138a622755a2383660347f895444b1eb927730 export BIGML_AUTH="username=$BIGML_USERNAME;api_key=$BIGML_API_KEY" $ Setting Alfred's Authentication Parameters Creating a Source To create a new source, POST the file containing your data to the source base URL.

The long error message will tell you what field is invalid.", "Error Code" : "10727", "Long Message" : "There's an error with this transaction. The following table lists each SQLGetDiagRec return code in alphabetical order by its constant name, along with its accompanying ODBC standard error code and RDM Server SQL integer error code: Table The application has attempted to free a connection handle before calling SQLDisconnect. 15003 errCOLNUMBER 07009 Column number out of range. The numeric values start with 15000 since the * POSIX Batch Extensions Working group is 1003.15 PBS error codes PBS Variable Error Code Description PBSE_NONE 0 no error PBSE_UNKJOBID 15001

In general, response codes 2xx are not considered errors.ErrorsErrors Returned by the Web Server CodeDescription0: Server ErrorThe agent could not connect to the server or the server was unavailable.300: Multiple ChoicesThe This status is useful to monitor the progress during their creation. Foreign key column does not match reference: . Check This Out A valid cursor specification is any select statement that references a single table and does not have a group by or an order by clause. 3707 errNOTNULL 42000 Must specify value

This will be 201 upon successful creation of the project and 200 afterwards. Additionally, JSON includes a status field. We either could not process the task as you requested it or have an internal issue. -2 Unknown The task has reached a state that we cannot verify at this time. Undeclared user-defined function: .

This code can also be returned if the table name specified with a foreign key in a thru clause of a path clause does not contain the named foreign key. 14034 For example, to update a project with a new name, a new category, a new description, and new tags you can use curl like this: curl "https://bigml.io/project/54d9553bf0a5ea5fc0000016?$BIGML_AUTH" \ -X PUT \ Please enter a valid address1 in the shipping address.", "Short Message" : "Invalid Data" }, "10721" : { "Corrective Action" : "There was a problem with a particular field in the You can see below how to change this number using the limit parameter.

Column of unique/primary key cannot allow nulls: . A division by zero has occurred during evaluation of an expression in the current statement. 20009 errDLLERR RX009 System error in SQL dynamic/shared library. c_data is non-standard. PBSE_CAN_NOT_MOVE_FILE 15125 Error moving file PBSE_JOB_RECYCLED 15126 Job is being recycled PBSE_JOB_ALREADY_IN_QUEUE 15127 Job is already in destination queue.

The SQLFetch or SQLFetchScroll function has fetched NULL data into a column whose outlen parameter (as previously set by SQLBindCol) is a null pointer. You can easily do this using curl. with reasons and additional information.ReplyDeleteNguyễn Trọng NhànOctober 31, 2015 at 11:51 PMPls help analyze Result-Code: DIAMETER_SUCCESS_AUTH_SENT_SERVER_NOT_STORED (2008)ReplyDeleteRepliesTeam-DiameterNovember 2, 2015 at 7:49 PMHi Nguyễn Trọng Nhàn,Thanks for your query. Marking Proxy-Bit in CER message.

Version The BigML.io API is versioned using code names instead of version numbers. Using your BigML dashboard you can also create, update and delete projects (and all their associated resources).