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Failed To Parse Xml Response From Newzbin.com

Reporting problems when saving incompletes is now optional. ???In the tasks menu added 'finish all tasks and exit' and 'finish all tasks and shutdown windows', in the latter case if the from folders). Suppose an article can be found on a set of servers. Wonder why I couldnt find the logs that where right in front of my eyes Thanks again. http://1pxcare.com/failed-to/failed-to-parse-ntlmssp.html

Also added 'mark read on delete bodies' option. ???The program flushes database before closing the main thread so it stays only few seconds in the task bar after the 'flushing database' Other enhancements in this release include index size pre-computation, support for HTTP get, and some bug fixes. It is described here (in the bottom). The 'repost selected parts' option now allows to repost selected parts for several attachments simultaneously - the edit box shows selected parts for the focused item in the attachment list, by

zoggy Posts: 4154Joined: Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:32 pm Top Re: Sickbeard/NZBMatrix et al "Just Stopped Working" - Help! What I want to do is that when an add or update process is running at a first time, I want to get full posts from a certain feed (if a I've used it a number of times and it does a great job, but it may have some difficulty with shows with season/episode such as below (507), but then again it For instance, Homeland s2x01 came out last night right?

  1. Still in such a case message-id direct cannot work in principle and for search (xpat) groups the solution would result in large overhead (after all it is a server bug which
  2. v3.21: ???Faster observing xpat search results in general - proportional to the number of servers on which the search was launched. ???Copying selected newsgroups is fast now (e.g.
  3. I couldn't find any other solution.
  4. A priority is set for article tasks marked for later download.
  5. The editor can be defined in properties->articles->default editor.

Also a check box has been added to allow not to show the dialog every time when launching searches; when not shown - the dialog can be invoked through the context foreach ($item as $element) { ... } } [Magpierss-general] RSS Parsing Oddities From: - 2008-04-04 04:42:34 Evening all. Showing 25 50 100 250 results of 966 Flat | Threaded << < 1 .. 3 4 5 6 7 .. 39 > >> (Page 5 of 39) SourceForge About Site That e.g.

That allows to use the option seamlessly with smaller time intervals without notifying user that means faster resuming after servers become available. ???The X-No-Archive header can be added through properties->post for I don't get similar questions in mailing lists. The option has been added for completeness, since in previous versions when socks were defined - tests always went through socks. https://forums.newsbin.com/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=32440 check firewall/network.

by bendster » Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:13 pm I had a similar problem someone suggested going into sickbeard/autoprocesstv and deleting autoProcessTV.cfg.sample. redirects"); - } - String response = post.getResponseBodyAsString(); - - int statuscode = post.getStatusCode(); - if (statuscode == HttpStatus.SC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY || statuscode == HttpStatus.SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY - || statuscode == HttpStatus.SC_SEE_OTHER || statuscode == But Magpie worked fine with every other feed I was using! In addition for such a queue the 'download immediately' option will still work, the range of priorities for immediate download (properties->tasks) is preferred and such tasks are ordered by priority, it

sonagi. [Magpierss-general] Error - junk after document From: Peter Tirrell - 2007-08-27 20:55:45 I've been using MagpieRSS for a long time now, and suddenly (sometime with the past day or https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000BPUUIA4 The proxy checkbox has been moved from the server pane to the proxy pane in properties, but both panes are synchronized as to the focused item. ???The new proxy pane is v3.73: ???Support for export of selected headers into a .nzb file in the import/export menu (the same option in the 'more' submenu of the context menu or through shortcut Shift+E). Ralph [Magpierss-general] MagpieRSS: Failed to parse RSS file From: Gerard GARNAUD - 2007-11-07 14:05:23 Attachments: text/plain gerard.garnaud.vcf [Magpierss-general] [ANN]VTD-XML 2.2 From: - 2007-10-31 01:23:01 Attachments: Message as HTML XimpleWare

You signed in with another tab or window. navigate here Registered=20No.=202766993.=20The=20members=20are=20Universities=20UK=20an= d=20GuildHE. Please don't fill out this field. Miscellaneous: ???Now the program remembers the sorting order (ascending/descending) along with the column. ???Added option in properties->general 'autosave per ...

The notification reads "NO EPISODES FOUND". Also it is possible to reset bandwidth counters for all servers through the context menu of the 'servers' root entry or in the tasks menu. ???Also there is an option in Keeping several databases for subsets of newsgroups may improve performance since operations on smaller databases are faster. Check This Out Hope that works for ya!

Every post now remembers also its server, last identity, headers, preface and footers field. the option may alleviate problems during non-attended downloading when some restriction across servers are set. ???There are also other small improvements concerning user interface etc. Formerly the program used the fastest server.

So now it says it's validated, but Magpie is still giving the same error.

Not tested. - Tone down debug output when building newsfile - Add retries when not able to open newsfile for building, this hopefully fixes an issue with a "network path not v3.1 to v3.1.3: Posting: ???Extended posting capabilities - an option to add file numbers (its initial value along with other initial check options can be set in the post menu). With many people using firewalls winsock is not longer considered a reliable system component and crashes inside (manipulated by third parties) winsock are catched and reported in error panes in task Every search string can be commented.

Registered=20Charity=20No.=201039709.=20Certified=20to=20ISO=209001=20and=20= BS=207799.=20 =20 HESA=20Services=20Ltd=20(HSL)=20is=20a=20wholly=20owned=20subsidiary=20of=20= HESA, registered=20in=20England=20at=20the=20same=20address.=20Registered=20No.=20= 3109219. _____________________________________________________________________ This=20outgoing=20email=20was=20virus=20scanned=20for=20HESA=20by=20Messag= eLabs. _____________________________________________________________________ Re: [Magpierss-general] Feature Req: Differencing From: Chris Seufert - 2007-09-26 23:00:26 True, although it would be something that 99% and it is becoming annoying to have many episodes doubled because I have the series over 5 hard drives :por maybe you have found out something about having it check more Both sites are commercial. ???Otherwise processing time for incoming headers has been reduced. http://1pxcare.com/failed-to/failed-to-parse-the-download-first-page.html if a message contains 300 parts and post was interrupted on 150th part - you can just enter 151- to post the rest. ???Added ability to post/decode yencoded attachments (http://www.yenc.org, by

v2.91 and lower: ???[Refined in v2.99] Retention: now for every newsgroup retention can be set to certain number of days to prevent flooding database from servers that have very long retention Some more documentation could be good, but hey I have some questions so I'll just ask them here .1. Doubleclicking the system tray icon will make the program window to show up/disappear. Does everyone here already know about this?

by SPQRGuyMontag » Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:36 am My Sick Beard just randomly stopped working as well. jansverre Newbie Posts: 14Joined: January 11th, 2010, 8:11 pm Top Re: [WINDOWS] SABSync - TV Show Syncing by markus101 » January 21st, 2010, 1:33 pm I haven't looked into multiple We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. So, that should be it.

Again, love SABsync.. Please don't fill out this field.