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Failed To Open Db File /var/spool/exim/db/retry Permission Denied

I only noticed when mutt complained of a syntax error and my mail didn't get sent, and it lost my freaking mail. whoami=$(whoami) # Keep set to whoami or set to full path of whoami command. ################### DO NOT TOUCH CODE UNDER HERE ##################### domainowners=$(cat /etc/virtual/domainowners | sed 's/://' | tr -s ' I need to do a new release soon as the last one introduced an important bug, so I'll fix this when I do it. succeeded: adding to nonrecipients list LOG: 0 MAIN => auj D=localuser T=local_delivery locked /var/spool/exim/db/retry.lockfile opened DB file /var/spool/exim/db/retry: flags=0 dbfn_read: key=T:>root @aber.ac.uk delivering >root as >root using address_reply: have a peek at this web-site

Message #10 received at [email protected] (full text, mbox, reply): From: Jason McCarty To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected] Subject: Quick fix for bug #110509 Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 02:38:48 -0400 Subject: I agree that those should be running as mail rather than root, and so changing the cron job is the correct thing to do. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. I am delivering to multiple virtual users as a user called vmail. hop over to this website

F From: Mail Delivery System T To: [email protected]??? I'm still not completely clear what current_directory variable is used for but included it for completeness. For all I know, exim seems to work fine despite this, but I don't like my logs being filled with such obvious signs of sysadmin incompetence :-) Proposed fixes: 1. (the No email being sent from the Exim server is arriving at the address [email protected]???.

When I try to start an Exim daemon with -bd it crashes. sahostking, Apr 22, 2015, in forum: E-mail Discussions Replies: 2 Views: 265 cPanelMichael Apr 23, 2015 Share This Page Tweet Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter Your name or transport: remote_smtp host mail.mewebhost.com [] MX=20 [email protected]??? Qnito Incorporated 848 North Rainbow Blvd., Suite #3789 Las Vegas, NV 89107-1103 Reply With Quote Quick Navigation E-Mail Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums Forums Home

The problem was that when exim uses vacation then it needs to create a db file called .vacation. Exim on my host responds to a connection with 220 *****... I'm including a copy of the config file and a debug log. http://forum.directadmin.com/showthread.php?t=32679 sorry in english mkdir: can't create the file `us-roye.supra-hosting.com': The file already exist.

host_accept_relay = " 4.16.34" # Message Protection Measures message_size_limit = 15M smtp_accept_max = 60 headers_sender_verify_errmsg # Drop bounce messages that give errors ignore_errmsg_errors host_lookup = message_body_visible = 4000 message_filter = Fantole10-19-2007, 08:14 AMHi all :p I have a big problem with exim In Uebimiau Webmail, I have a error message It was not possible to send this e-mail I tried this, Copy sent to Mark Baker , [email protected] No further changes may be made.

Size of headers = 304 LOG: 0 MAIN Completed end delivery of 16R68j-0001Bu-00 search_tidyup called delivering [email protected]??? https://bugs.debian.org/179102 Full text and rfc822 format available. Writing spool header file locked /var/spool/exim/db/retry.lockfile opened DB file /var/spool/exim/db/retry: flags=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Considering: [email protected]??? Oh, and the perl functions are pretty simple - "Misc::shouldforward" looks up whether the local user should have mail passed to one of the other servers; Misc::forwardtransport returns the name of

I can't seem to get a pipe command to run when I include a ${if I'm trying to get Exim to connect an alias to a pipe, but it always What http://1pxcare.com/failed-to/failed-to-open-stream-permission-denied-in-php.html Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender rewrite_one_header: type=F: From: Mail Delivery System rewrite_one_header: type=T: To: [email protected]??? >>Final headers: P Received: from root by server.mewebdns.com with local (Exim 3.34 Rodrigo Prieto: Hi, thanks for the explanation , it was really useful for me. R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp: retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period set_process_info: 4597 tidying up after delivering 16R68j-0001Bu-00 Processing retry items Succeeded addresses: Failed addresses: [email protected]???: no retry

  • The RFCs # require this facility, which is why it is enabled by default in Exim. # If you want to lock it out, set forbid_domain_literals in the main # configuration
  • address_reply: driver = autoreply # This transport is used for delivering messages over SMTP connections.
  • Apologies for the length of the email but I thought this may assist any diagnosis.
  • If you have further comments please address them to [email protected], and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.
  • I What does *SMTP protocol violation: synchronization error (next input What does *rejected after DATA: malformed address: [email protected] may not follow The Windows mailer SENDFILE.EXE sometimes hangs while trying to send
  • in *?
  • can't you add the chown in the postinst or somewhere?
  • My exim version is 4.24.

Copy sent to Mark Baker , [email protected] syntactically invalid argument(s). How can I check what it is doing? http://1pxcare.com/failed-to/file-put-contents-failed-to-open-stream-permission-denied-in.html Run the folllowing command on root: [email protected] [~]# rm -fv /var/spool/exim/db/* Output: removed `/var/spool/exim/db/ratelimit’
removed `/var/spool/exim/db/ratelimit.lockfile’
removed `/var/spool/exim/db/retry’
removed `/var/spool/exim/db/retry.lockfile’
removed `/var/spool/exim/db/wait-dk_remote_smtp’
removed `/var/spool/exim/db/wait-dk_remote_smtp.lockfile’

The rest of those who have gone before us cannot steady the unrest of those to follow. #2 ciphervendor, Jul 15, 2003 H2Hosting.com Well-Known Member Joined: Sep 4, 2001 Messages: 192 mewebhost.com in queue_smtp_domains? Why is Exim not rejecting incoming messages addressed to non-existent I've put an entry for *.my.domain in a DBM lookup file, but it isn't I've put the entry *@domain.com in a

On the other hand, if any of them didn't exist, exim_tidydb will create them -- with cron's current UID and GID, of course (root.root).

Full text and rfc822 format available. For all the domains :rolleyes: nobaloney10-19-2007, 08:33 PMYou don't say at what point you're getting that error. November 9, 2016 13 Avoiding CPU Speed Scaling - Running CPU At Full Speed January 2, 2017 8 How To Install mod_geoip On a WHM/cPanel Server October 27, 2016 6 How calling system_aliases director df_lookup entered: search type = dbm system_aliases director: dbm key=auj file="/etc/aliases.dbm" search_open: dbm "/etc/aliases.dbm" search_find: file="/etc/aliases.dbm" key="auj" partial=-1 LRU list: 1/etc/aliases.dbm 7/etc/exim/servernumbers.txt End internal_search_find: file="/etc/aliases.dbm" type=dbm key="auj" file

Is there anyway to get this information on where exim is looking for it and trying to create it ? Because the users don't have shell accounts exim can't assign a proper home address and defaults to "/" for some reason. dbfn_read: key=R:mewebhost.com dbfn_read: key=R:[email protected]??? http://1pxcare.com/failed-to/move-uploaded-file-failed-to-open-stream-permission-denied-in.html Now, when mail comes in, it gets queued until it's been virus and spam scanned.

A few weeks back, we got attacked by a vast flood of spam which brought the service to its knees. What is wrong? Debian bug tracking system administrator . Recommended Services RecentPopularCommentsTags cPanel: Apache + PHP FastCGI Data Timeout Error January 8, 2017 CentOS and RHEL 7 Restart, Stop, Start Networking Commands January 7, 2017 UNIX Date Command Examples January

Full text and rfc822 format available. Sunday , 8 January 2017 Home Contact Us Linux Tips, Hacks, Tricks, and Tutorials for Beginners | ServerNoobs A Beginners Guide to Server Management Home Basics Management Troubleshooting Optimization Security Cpanel/WHM Is > there anyway to get this information on where exim is looking for it and > trying to create it ? no (end of list) unique = \[email protected]???

delivering [email protected]??? aber.ac.uk in local_domains? Brenden cPanel.net Support Ticket Number: #9 tAzMaNiAc, Jul 16, 2003 (You must log in or sign up to post here.) Show Ignored Content Loading...