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I'll try now to merge up the omap patches to 3.15-rc1. Apr 10 14:07:09 localhost kernel: [ 3.758282] Apr 10 14:07:09 localhost kernel: [ 3.758284] Breaking out of I/O loop because of result code -5. Text should work on any console. log_everything (CONFIG_PM_DEBUG): Setting this option results in all messages printed being logged. http://1pxcare.com/failed-to/failed-to-get-semaphore-no-space-left-on-device.html

Nearly there! Broadwell) for non-priviledged users. Owner NigelCunningham commented Mar 4, 2016 Sorry for the slow reply - too much else to keep me busy. If this looks good, I can add it as an additional patch.

initrd Bueno, nos hemos dejado para el final el ver cómo añadir a los scripts del fichero initrd el comando: echo 1 > /sys/power/tuxonice/do_resume Los initrd, o initial ramdisk son pequeños When a process enters one of the *_sync system calls, we set a PF_SYNCTHREAD flag on that process for the duration of that call. Thanks! Starting to save the image..

Regards, Alexander Holler -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of a message to majordomo [at] vger More majordomo info at http://vger.kernel.org/majordomo-info.html Please read IGT-Version: 1.12-git (x86_64) (Linux: 4.4.0-rc1-stereo+ x86_64) ... TuxOnIce is part of the Linux Kernel. If your attempts at hibernating end with a message in dmesg indicating that insufficient extra pages were allowed, you need to increase this value.

in kernel-3.10/arch/arm64/$platfrom/platfrom_defconfig, I can't find the TOI_USERUI. Vamos a /usr/src/linux- (o a donde tengamos el kernel) y hacemos: # bzcat /path/al/tuxonice-3.0-rc1-for- | patch -p1 Entramos al "make menuconfig", Power management options, habilitamos el Software Suspend (Hibernation) y el I've merged the omap changes onto 3.15-rc2 and tested and it looks like everything is working (so far 50 loops into/out of hibernation). check this link right here now b.

Glad you asked. Subtest basic-X-tiled: SUCCESS (0.001s) Test assertion failure function pitch_tests, file kms_addfb_basic.c:167: Failed assertion: drmIoctl(fd, DRM_IOCTL_MODE_ADDFB2, &f) == 0 Last errno: 22, Invalid argument Stack trace: #0 [__igt_fail_assert+0x101] #1 [pitch_tests+0x619] #2 [__real_main426+0x2f] We save our settings and other parameters needed for reloading pageset 1 in an 'image header'. Who wrote TuxOnIce? 1.

Thanks, Sebastian -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in the body of a message to majordomo [at] vger More majordomo info at http://vger.kernel.org/majordomo-info.html Please read the https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-958028-start-0.html Casting it to an unsigned long > isn't going to give you a physical address. and launch userprogram successfully: (160310_18:27:36.058)[ 125.754457]<0>.(0)[2446:ipod]wxy [toi_launch_userspace_program:1350] command = /system/bin/tuxoniceui (160310_18:27:36.058)[ 125.755608]<0>.(0)[2446:ipod]CPU: 0 PID: 2446 Comm: ipod Tainted: G W 3.10.65 #1 (160310_18:27:36.058)[ 125.756633]<0>.(0)[2446:ipod]Call trace: (160310_18:27:36.058)[ 125.757132]<0>.(0)[2446:ipod][] dump_backtrace+0x0/0x130 (160310_18:27:36.058)[ 125.757990]<0>.(0)[2446:ipod][] show_stack+0x10/0x1c We try to be obliging, within reason.

So the order is: Userspace processes without PF_SYNCTHREAD or PF_NOFREEZE; Userspace processes with PF_SYNCTHREAD (they won't have NOFREEZE); Kernel processes without PF_NOFREEZE. weblink Maybe it's copy-pasta? > > From my understanding this needs to stick around so long as > > gcc 3.x is > > supported (did it get dropped yet?) on ARM The userspace user interface. freezer_test This entry can be used to get TuxOnIce to just test the freezer and prepare an image without actually doing a hibernation cycle.

  1. La compu tiene 2 GB.
  2. This fixes both problems because, even though the memory access before or after the spinlocks in both wake_up*() and add_wait_queue() can sneak into the critical section, it cannot go past it
  3. The file allocator can store your image in a simple file.
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  5. The advantage of using this mode is that it doesn't matter whether your battery has enough charge to make it through to your next resume.
  6. TuxOnIce: Initialise modules failed!
  7. I see above some netlink debugging messages.
  8. However, there are many situation a parse_event() can be called without parse_events_error.
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  10. Fuse filesystem done.

Este es mi grub: kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 resume=swap:/dev/sda7 vga=791 Vicente Navarro dice: 20 febrero 2008 a las 9:22 @jose Si no haces la parte del initrd no te funcionará la vuelta The function is called in file tuxonice_builtin.c , the code snappit is showed below: int toi_lowlevel_builtin(void){ ... This is the discussion on the ml http://lists.tuxonice.net/pipermail/tux … 07186.html.This is really nice, but i'm having another problem, that i had since i used tuxonice: after long hibernation, when i boot navigate here But that structure comes directly from the addfb2 ioctl, and gets copied back out to userspace, which means we're clobbering the modifiers that the user provided (all 0 since the DRM_MODE_FB_MODIFIERS

userui_program This entry is used to tell TuxOnice what userspace program to use for providing a user interface while hibernating. it performs all of it's I/O synchronously. The first main stage in hibernating is to stop all other activity.

timeout = wait_woken(&wait, TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE, timeout); ------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are also other places in drivers/tty/n_tty.c which have similar calls to waitqueue_active(), so instead of adding many memory barrier calls, this patch simply removes

Bring your own parachute. Hay módulos tan conocidos como el driver binario de NVidia: nvidia, los de USB: ehci_hcd, uhci_hcd, ohci_hcd, el del driver WiFi de Ralink: rt2500, el de Atheros: ath_pci, los de red In our lowlevel architecture specific code, we have saved the CPU state. The function is called in file tuxonice_builtin.c , the code snappit is showed below: int toi_lowlevel_builtin(void){ ...

Sounds easy in comparison to hibernating, doesn't it! The project was then taken over by Florent Chabaud while still in alpha version numbers. If it is fulfiled, we seek to allocate additional storage, just in case our expected compression ratio (if any) isn't achieved. http://1pxcare.com/failed-to/failed-to-launch-help-chm.html TuxOnIce patches are available from http://tuxonice.net.

timeout = wait_woken(&wait, TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE, timeout); ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The second problem is that n_tty_read() also lacks a memory barrier call and could also cause __receive_buf() to return without calling wake_up_interactive_poll(), and n_tty_read() to Fernando dice: 12 noviembre 2007 a las 13:05 Hola, alguien sabe pq si hiberno linux, luego no me sale el GRUB para elegir con que sistema operativo quiero iniciar? You can find the mailing lists there. 8. Detail Logs: / # echo >/sys/power/tuxonice/do_hibernate [ 22.191954] TuxOnIce 3.2, with support for usm, compression, block i/o, swap storage, file storage, userui. [ 22.202953] Initiating a hibernation cycle. [ 22.207481] Failed

if (!input_available_p(tty, 0)) { /* Memory operations issued after the RELEASE may be completed before the RELEASE operation has completed */ smp_store_release(&ldata->commit_head, ldata->read_head); if (waitqueue_active(&tty->read_wait)) __add_wait_queue(q, wait); spin_unlock_irqrestore(&q->lock,flags); /* from add_wait_queue() Hope that helps! Vicente Navarro dice: 5 noviembre 2007 a las 9:50 @Iván ¡Muchas gracias! Make sure you have backups.

Switch to idmap_pgd so the physical page tables + * are overwritten with the same contents. + */ +static void notrace arch_restore_image(void *unused) +{ + struct pbe *pbe; + + cpu_switch_mm(idmap_pgd, user_interface/enable_escape: Setting this to "1" will enable you abort a hibernation cycle or resuming by pressing escape, "0" (default) disables this feature. only need to open the TOI_USERUI? At this stage, everything else but the TuxOnIce code is halted.

Whew! I'm sure you > know, but this way also takes care of the CPU_FEROCEON in the default > list since SUSPEND_POSSIBLE already contains it. > > config ARCH_HIBERNATION_POSSIBLE > bool > Iván dice: 4 noviembre 2007 a las 22:52 Muy buen artículo!. This confirms that the binary has any dependencies available (if it's not statically compiled), is executable and so on.

The first is whether an image exists (-1 for unsure, otherwise 0 or 1). i try to found some material about it in google.com; but there is no progress.